Rome Italy Travel Tips

For anyone making their first vacation foray to the Via Veneto and the rest of historic Rome, Italy, the prospect of visiting this city carries with it both excitement and anxiety. There is something about Rome that continues to latch onto our imaginations and pique our curiosities. Whether your reasons for visiting Rome are rooted in religious pilgrimage or simply a desire to see this city of romance and wonders, there are a few things that you should know before you visit. Here are some of the best Rome Italy travel tips if you’re a first time visitor to the Eternal City.

Rome and the English language

Rome Italy Travel TipsThere is good news and bad news on the language front. On the plus side, many Romans speak English as a second language. On the bad side, you still don’t want to start your conversation with an Italian by asking if they speak English. As a point of pride, Italians are only too happy to converse with you in English if they know the language, but will still appreciate your efforts to at least attempt to speak to them in Italian first.

Do a little homework and learn a few Italian phrases before you leave for Italy, and then open your conversations in their language. It demonstrates respect for their culture – and will usually prompt the person you are speaking with to respond in English. When it comes to Rome Italy travel tips, this is one that should never be ignored.

Stay safe

Many Rome Italy travel tips you will find online warn about burglaries and robberies in Rome, but there is no real cause for alarm. In fact, Rome is a safe city – safer than most cities in the United States. As a tourist, though, you should always be wary about the potential for being targeted. Use hotel safes to store important items such as your passport and valuables, and remain alert to your surroundings when you are out and about. It is also a good idea when walking in Rome’s crowded areas to have your money somewhere other than in your purse or wallet. Pickpockets can be found wandering the streets of Rome – just as they can be found in other major cities of the world.

Dress for the Occasion

Toe Italy travel tips on the proper way to dress will almost always point out that Rome is a very dressed down city. With millions of tourists visiting the area each year, the Roman people are more than happy to see you in almost any attire you choose to bring with you. There are exceptions, of course. The biggest exception is in the realm of the churches.

The Catholic churches in Rome are very strict in their expectations for attire – particularly when it comes to cleavage and short skirts. Be respectful of the institution when you visit and wear something a little less risqué. And be sure to bring a suit and dresses if you plan on attending any of Rome’s fine restaurants, since some of the better restaurants will not allow you in through the doors if you are wearing casual clothing.

Tips from Tourists

Finally, one of the most appreciated Rome Italy travel tips involves the giving of tips to Roman service workers. Even though a great many Italians never bother to tip their servers, cab drivers, doormen, and others, you should still do so. Tipping in Rome is no different than tipping in the United States, so plan on at least ten percent of the bill. Don’t be the stereotypical “ugly American!”