Venice Hotel Recommendations

Where to Stay in Venice

There are many reasons why Venice is considered one of the romantic capitals in the world. The scenic waterways, breathtaking sites, and rich culture of Venice make it an excellent place to visit any time of the year. In order to make your getaway to Venice a special and amazing one, read our quick guide to some of the best hotels Venice has to offer. You may find one perfectly suited for you and what you are looking for.  For a more extensive list head to


Al Campaniel

This bed and breakfast hotel captures the simple and charming of beauty of Venice with its fine Italian hospitality, jovial atmosphere and excellent location. Located in San Polo, Venice, it has some of the best hotel rates in the entire city. If you are looking to experience Venice firsthand on a shoestring budget, then this hotel is for you.


Bauer IL Palazzo

Bauer IL Palazzo has gained a reputation for being one of the richest and most luxurious hotel stays in Venice. It has a long history immersed with the lavishness of the Italian bourgeois, and the antiquarian quality of the hotel is one that simply shouldn’t be missed. It is perfect for people looking for a quiet and comfortable stay in extravagance.


San Clemente Palace

This hotel is one of the biggest in all of Venice, with over 200 rooms to choose from. It is situated on an island, separated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. It is set up well for private events looking for a splash of Old Italy in the venue. If you are planning on hold a big event or party in Venice, this is the perfect hotel for you.


Centurion Palace

Just a stone’s throw away from one of the finest art museums in Venice, the Centurion Palace holds some of the best accommodations in Venice. With 50 rooms, excellent service and high-quality rooms, there is no questioning how the hotel earned five stars. It is a good all-around choice for people willing to spend a little extra for an amazing vacation in Venice.


La Calcina

The number one reason why people go to Venice is to see the beautiful canals, but it is hard to find a good hotel with an excellent waterway view. La Calcina offers an excellent panoramic view of the Giudecca Canal without burning a hole in the pockets of those who stay there. The hotel is renovated to meet all the modern conveniences anyone could need without leaving Italian sensibilities and designs behind. For affordable rooms with access to every luxury; Venice has to offer.