Visiting Venice

Finding the Perfect Time to Visit Venice

The beautiful waterways, spectacular views and rich culture of Venice, Italy are just a few of the reasons why it is considered one of the romance capitals of the world. However, Venice is more romantic during certain times of the year than others. Since the entire city is submerged in water and is flooded on a regular basis, you may find your romantic getaway in deep water – literally. Take a little bit of time to consider when is the best time to see the city, and you can enjoy every little thing Venice has to offer.


Weather and Waterways 

Most tourists of Venice see the city in the summer time, when the weather is the nicest. Unfortunately, this also means the city is congested with crowds and noisy sight-seers. If you were hoping to spend a quiet and relaxing visit, then you can throw your plans out the window if you try going during this time. You will also find it incredibly difficult to find a Venice hotel, which would be a shame since Venice, Italy has some of the best hotels in the world.

Arguably the best time to visit Venice is from autumn to winter. Most tourists steer clear of Venice in the autumn because the city floods at this time and this can keep any sight-seeing expeditions at bay. Luckily, the people of Venice are well adapted to the flooded conditions, and will be happy to help you get around the city. Furthermore, many people say Venice is most beautiful when the waterways are in ‘full bloom’, or so to say.

For more adventurous city-goers, winter is the perfect time to go to Venice. The streets are free of tourists, and the hotels offer much better rates than during peak vacation time. As long as you can handle the winter winds and the freezing temperatures, it makes for the quietest and most relaxing Venice experience.


Festivities in Venice 

Festivals and events in Venice are some of the most intriguing in all of Italy. Visiting the city during these times could make your vacation a memorable one. At the end of winter, Carnevale comes into town and fills Venice with harlequins and masquerades. The Festadel Redentore happens in the second half of July and involves food, fireworks and building bridges. If you happen to come to Venice on an odd-numbered year, then the Biennale for Art is a beautiful festival of world-class art and amazing views. At the end of the day, balancing out the weather, the Venice festivals, and your vacation budget will help you determine the perfect time to go to Venice.